The mission of Dreamfar High School Marathon is to challenge high school students to reach their full potential - physically, socially, emotionally, and academically - through a mentor-supported marathon training program.

High School is one of life’s most challenging times. Students experience confusion, insecurity, and constant pressure. It’s all too easy to fall off the pace and withdraw. Founded in 2008, Dreamfar challenges high school students of all abilities to do something exceptional: to train for and run a marathon.

Dreamfar High School Marathon helps students build confidence, skills, and lasting friendships at this crucial moment in their lives. In its first eight years, Dreamfar has helped over 800 students from 15 Boston area high schools cross the finish line. The formula is simple. You show up. You run. You have fun!

Help us celebrate our 10th anniversary by choosing one of our very exciting sponsorship opportunities!

UNIFORMS – $3000

Nothing makes you feel more connected than wearing a team jersey – for $3000 you can outfit our team and your company name will be displayed on the back of our shirts. The front of our shirts are reserved for our students name because we believe that everyone deserves to be recognized by name. We wear these shirts each Saturday from November to April along the Boston Marathon route that we share with 1500 runners each weekend.


Singlets are worn at the end of the season at the Providence Marathon. Our runners and our bicycle support team wear our singlets. The race yields 3000 runners.

SATURDAY WATER STOPS - $262 per water stop

(as many as 3 water stops are provided any given Saturday)

Help us fuel our students each Saturday during their long runs. They will be putting in the hard work running up and down the Boston Marathon course, shared by at least 1500 runners – in turn we provide Gatorade, Swedish Fish and Goldfish – you get to share your company banner and advertise your generosity. Feel free to drop off your marketing materials or staff the water stop yourselves and share in the magic of marathon training.


Mother always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and that’s especially true for marathoner’s. We provide breakfast to our runners before the race in Providence to make sure they have the very best chance for success as they toe the starting line of the Providence Marathon.


Everybody knows that runners eat pasta and ours are no exception. The night before the marathon in Providence we have the biggest pasta party in all the land.

Students share the stories of the challenges they have overcome with the help of Dreamfar, mentors share their amazement of the students, parents cry with joy at how far their child as come and sponsors smile to see the way their gifts have impacted so many! We would love for you to join us on Saturday evening, May 5, 2015 at the Ramada Inn in Seekonk, MA as we share the gifts of the marathon – It is a special night not to miss.


There’s a little super hero in all of us! Help our students to participate in the Super Hero Run in February along the Boston Marathon route from Natick to Boston. Picture this, 1500 Charity runners dressed in Super Hero costumes all trying to make a difference in the world!


Our fabulous team participates in 4 races throughout the season – please help us transport our students to and from New Bedford for the New Bedford Half Marathon. This is a tough race but our students are tougher!

Any questions please contact Jamie Chaloff at Jamie@dreamfarhsm.org ~ 617-694-4885