Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM)?

Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) is a school based mentoring program that helps high school students build confidence, skills and lasting friendships at this critical moment in their lives. The program challenges students of all abilities and backgrounds to accomplish something exceptional: train for and run a marathon. Dreamfar is suited for students of all sorts. Students who excel. Students who feel lost. Even students at risk. The formula is simple. You show up. You work hard. You have fun. Students train together from October to May, with volunteer adult mentors who serve as role models. On Saturdays, the entire cohort runs together. In May, they line up in their Dreamfar colors at the start of the Providence Marathon. 26.2 tough miles later, they celebrate at the finish.


What is DHSM’s success?

In its first eleven years, DHSM has helped over 1200 students from 15 Boston area high schools across the finish line. Dreamfar High School Marathon is a program where everyone defines his or her own success - no athletic experience is required.


What is the impact of marathon training on a high school student?

  • Get healthy, physically and mentally.  

  • Develop tools for a healthy lifestyle.

  • DHSM students report missing fewer days of school and getting better grades

  • Students who finish the marathon tend to graduate from high school

  • DHSM students are more likely to have post-secondary education plans

  • Make new friends, from your school and other communities.

  • Learn to set goals, commit, and succeed, having fun along the way.


How do I join DHSM?

Students in grades 9 through 12 and post grad high school students can join Dreamfar High School Marathon at their schools. At the beginning of the school year, students should

Check with their guidance counselors to learn more about the availability of the program at their school. If the school has a DHSM team, students cans ask about joining with the DHSM leader at their school. Students should also refer to clubs list on their schools website.

Educators volunteer to establish DHSM programs at their schools. To start a DHSM program at a new school, educators should submit an application to the DHSM office during the summer months. Applications can be found on this website under the Get Involved tab. New and returning participants will be invited to attend a formal training at the end of the summer. Approval into the program requires school administrator approval.


How can I mentor for DHSM?

Step by step, mile by mile, students of all abilities and backgrounds  discover values of commitment and community during eight life-changing months. Training with a group of peers, and mentored by adult volunteers, these students develop teamwork, tenacity, and vision--vital skills that will help them succeed in high school and beyond.

Mentors must fill out a mentor application to participate. Please see the mentor page to learn more about becoming a mentor.

To become a DHSM mentor please contact Kate Russell at


How can I volunteer for DHSM?

DHSM needs volunteers throughout the season and to help at several events. Volunteer opportunities include water stops, finish line support, registration, baking etc. Volunteers may participate as often as they would like! Please click on the volunteer page to learn more about volunteer opportunities at DHSM.

To volunteer for DHSM please contact Jamie Chaloff at


How can I donate to DHSM?

DHSM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations to DHSM are tax deductible. DHSM receives donations at all times during the year. Donations cover the costs of all of the equipment and services that DHSM students receive, including uniforms, race entry fees, running shoes, transportation, and nutrition. Please click on Donate to make a tax deduct be donation to DHSM.