New program Information

Why Choose Dreamfar? 

DHSM is the only program of its kind in New England.  Our work's impact on the communities in which we operate is clear.  

  • We help students feel more confident in themselves and their ability to succeed in school.

  • We help students feel connected, strengthening their sense of belonging within their school and communities.

  • An increase in self-efficacy and connectedness are linked with improved academic success. In 2018 the 99% of the seniors in our program graduated from high school and of those who graduated, 100% will be headed to college in the fall.

  • We make students healthier by engaging them in regular physical activity 3-4 days every week for a 30-week program. Our evaluations have shown 95% of participants improve their fitness level over the course of the season.

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New Program Site Checklist

  • Identify staff to manage the DHSM team (leaders)

  • Recruit students (no minimum requirement to form a team)

  • Provide space for DHSM team to meet 3 weekday runs per week October-May

  • Be knowledgeable of DHSM's mission and goals and be ambassadors of DHSM in the schools and community

Support Provided By DHSM

Our goal is to provide the most positive, exciting, rewarding, and SAFE experience possible for everyone.  We are invested in building a long-term relationship to ensure that your students have an opportunity to benefit from our transformational program.  With this in mind, we provide the following support:

  • Certified marathon coaching, and access to physical therapy and nutritional consultation.

  • All training materials needed for leaders to carry-out the DHSM curriculum as-intended

  • Entry into 4 race events for the students

  • Additional training sessions for leaders, students, and families to address a plethora of running-related topics including but not limited to nutrition, sports injury prevention, cross training, etc.

  • Ongoing support to leaders, mentors, and families through regular communication and responsiveness to individual concerns

Inspire high school students to become positive, confident, and healthy by bringing DHSM to your local school or community facility!  Complete an online site application HERE!  

For more information on starting a new program site, please contact Kate Russell,